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EDUC 3350 Survey of Exceptional Student Education: Articles

Research tips and resources for students in EDUC 3350.

Find Articles

Start with these library databases to find articles on your topic. 

Search Tips

Use OR to connect synonyms and make your search broader

Use AND to narrow your search by adding more aspects of your topic.

Check "full text" and "scholarly journals" to find full text journal articles.

Example Search:

ProQuest Search

FIND IT! Button

What if the database only gives me a citation? How do I find the full text?

If you see FIND IT! Button,  the full text of the article is not available in the database you are in.

Click the FIND IT! button to see if:

  • The full text is available in another database
  • The full text is available in print via NovaCat
  • You can order the full text of the article by making an ILLIAD request