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This guide is an overview of our gallery exhibit with exhibit information, library events, and related library resources.

Exhibit Description

The exhibition "Holocaust by Bullets 10 Years of Investigation" presents the results of Yahad-In Unum’s research in Eastern Europe.  It also underscores the "Holocaust by Bullets" as a precursor and model for mass murder crimes today. The exhibit showcases the painstaking research uncovering the step-by-step nature of the crimes committed against Jews and Roma by the Nazi killing units. The exhibition is built around the five steps of the crime identified by Yahad-In Unum researchers based on eyewitness accounts:

1. The Arrest
2. The Road
3. The Undressing
4. The Shooting
5. The Looting

The steps are described through quotes from eyewitness testimonies and through archival photographs. A short summary defining each step and highlighting the criminal nature of the Holocaust by Bullets are provided on a separate introductory panel.

Library Events and Programming

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