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Sanarte and INIM art exhibit

SANARTE Foundation, together with NSU’s Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine (INIM) and the Alvin Sherman Library, welcome you to the Awaken Your Soul – Mindfulness exhibit. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy an artistic awakening and healing experience.
This exhibit is years in the making, a product of a collaborative effort between medical researchers and professionals and SANARTE Foundation’s founder, JU, all committed to creating a bridge between medical science and fine art. Other collaborative artists have joined in this vision and hope to contribute their work in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of those suffering from debilitating and chronic medical conditions.
The Awaken Your Soul - Mindfulness exhibit strives to awaken in all of us any of the heightened senses of human experience, among them, compassion, love, gratefulness, etc. Each and every piece in this exhibit reflects upon some healing aspect meant to improve and elevate the lives of each and every human being.
SANARTE’s collection, Awaken Your Soul - Mindfulness provides a platform to showcase the works of its founder JU and the works and achievements of the collaborative artists participating in this exhibit, and celebrates their unique contributions to the art world, both here and abroad.
Finally, we encourage you to take action and consider purchasing any of the fine art pieces that are part of this exhibit. Visit our event site page during the exhibition at Your contribution will be tax deductible, and a portion of the proceeds will be disbursed to fund the continued research undertaken by the Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine (INIM) here at Nova Southeastern University.

Featured Artists


Katia Yachmann

Ely Phenix

Carmen Cólogan

Stan Adard

Peter Ipiña

Laurence Gartel

Carlos Iván Cruz

Margarita Somnolet

Duvan López