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International Education: Getting Started

This guide is to help locate information about (1) international education and (2) education in the Caribbean from a local perspective.

Video on Library Services and Resources w/ International Focus

Click on the image below to see a video tutorial on library services and how to search ERIC. Scroll down for strategies to locate information about international education in particular.

See the following example. Use the first row for a topic you want to focus on such as reading comprehension.

To look for articles with an international perspective, use foreign countries in the Subject Heading field.  See just the first two rows in the example below.

To find articles with a specifical perspective, search for keywords such as Jamaica*, Caribbean, etc. For the narrower results, use all three rows.

search in ERIC


Selected E-Books on International Education

Publicly Accessible Websites

Publicly Accessible Internet Resources

a. International Organizations that Focus on Education

 b. Ministries/Departments of Education

 c. Statistical Sources  See also: Foriegn Governments above

d. International Financial Institutions

e. Study Abroad

Subject Headings

These subject headings can be used when searching in the NovaCat catalog:

Education--[country name]--
Education, Higher--[country name]
Education and state--[country name]
Education, Bilingual--[country name]
Education, Rural--[country name]--
Education, Secondary--[country name]--
Education--Social aspects--[country name]--

Educational change--[country name]--
Educational indicators--[Country name]
Educational indicators--Developed countries

Community and school--[country name]--
High School students--[country name]--
Nationalism and education--[country name]--
School management and organization--[country name]--
Women--Education--[country name]--

How to Search ERIC

ERIC -- "How Do I?" videos on using the ERIC database: