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International Education: Caribbean Resources in Education

This guide is to help locate information about (1) international education and (2) education in the Caribbean from a local perspective.

How to Find Resources in ERIC from a Jamaican or International Perspective

Use a general topic like reading comprehension in the first row. To look generally for articles with an international perspective, use foreign countries in the Subject heading field. See how this is used in the second row. To find articles with a specifically Caribbean perspecitve, search for keywords such as Jamaica*, Caribbean, etc. Use all three rows for a narrower focus.

 Click on the image below to see a video tutorial on how to search ERIC in general.

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Selected Books on Education in the Caribbean and Jamaica Available from the Alvin Sherman Library

Selected Articles on Education in the Caribbean and Jamaica Available from the Alvin Sherman Library

Hickling-Hudson, A. (2013). Theatre-arts pedagogy for social justice: Case study of the area youth foundation in Jamaica. Current Issues in Comparative Education, 15(2), 15-34.

Available to NSU students at:

Hutton, D. M. (2013). Training programme for secondary school principals: Evaluating its effectiveness and impact. International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 8(1), 31-48.

Available to NSU students at:

Nero, S. J. (2014). De facto language education policy through teachers' attitudes and practices: A critical ethnographic study in three Jamaican schools. Language Policy, 13(3), 221-242.

Available to NSU students at:

Roofe, C. G., & Miller, P. (2013). "Miss, I am not being fully prepared": Student-teachers' concerns about their preparation at a teacher training institution in Jamaica. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(5), 14.

Available to NSU students at:

Stockfelt, S. (2015). Capital, agency, family and the diaspora: An exploration of boys' aspirations towards higher education in urban Jamaica. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 45(1), 5-25. 

Available to NSU students at:

Williams, S. A., & Staulters, M. L. (2014). Instructional collaboration with rural educators in Jamaica: Lessons learned from an international interdisciplinary consultation project. Journal of Educational & Psychological Consultation, 24(4), 307-329. 

Available to NSU students at: