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Complete Anatomy [click green Complete Anatomy logo (below) to log in]

  • Features interactive 3D human cadaveric models, anatomy models, a beating heart, muscle motions, and innervations.
  • Includes 1,500+ Clinical Videos which may be exported for use in lectures, student presentations, or patient handouts.
  • Over 2,000 preset dissections and 200 hours of interactive, expert-led lectures in the form of Courses
  • NSU Faculty Members who wish to use this resource in their curriculum may contact the Press HPD Library,, for an additional educator access code.
Set-up Guide
Video-Based Tutorial/Guides
Interacting with the Models

Learn how to Navigate the Model | Complete Anatomy (


  • Touchscreens: Place two fingers close together on the screen and spread them apart. Pinch together to zoom out.
  • Desktop: Scroll to zoom your view in or out or use the plus and minus keys on your keyboard.
  • Mac trackpad: Press down with two fingers and spread apart to zoom, or pinch in together to zoom out.


  • Touchscreens: Place two fingers on the screen and move them together in the same direction.
  • Desktop: Hold right click while dragging your mouse across the screen. Alternatively, hold shift while clicking and dragging across the screen.
  • Mac trackpad: Press down with two fingers and drag together.


  • Touchscreens: Drag your finger across the screen.
  • Desktop: Hold down left-click and drag your cursor across the screen.
  • Mac trackpad: Press down and drag with one finger.

Selecting a Structure

  • To select a structure, simply tap or click on it. The infobox will open, containing information and tools on the selected structure. To deselect a structure, simply tap or click outside the model, or else on another structure to select it instead.