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OC Library 3D Macro Scanner

Adding 3D Models to NSUWorks

If you are submitting 3D models to NSUWorks, please follow these instructions.

  1. Change the name of your original saved final scan to "description_Raw" (e.g., sandpiperskull_Raw)
  2. Reopen your project in FlexScan.  
  3. Save a new final scan by selecting the same combined scans you used before, but under the "Finalize" settings, click the box next to "Decimate"; the scale should already be half way which will cut your scan data in half
  4. Click "Ok" and export this new scan as a ".obj" file
  5. Save this copy of your scan as "description_50" (e.g., sandpiperskull_50)
  6. Find your Medium detail scan (the one labeled "description_50").  Right click the file and select "7-Zip" > "Add to archive..."

  7. Set  "Compression Method" to LZMA2, "Compression Level" to Maximum, and click "OK" to create a "_50.7z" archive.

  8. Check the size of the file.  If the file is over 35 MB in size, return to Step 3 and move the scale under "Decimate" lower.  Repeat steps 5-8 until you get a file under 35 MB in size.
  9. Create a profile on Sketchfab.
  10. Click the "Upload" button on the upper-right of the window.

  11. Drag & Drop or Browse to upload your "_50.7z" archive to Sketchfab and press "Continue".

  12. Give your model a good, descriptive name.  Give it a basic description.  Press "Continue" once the screen says Transfer Complete.

  13. Click "3D Settings" on the right of the screen.

  14. Click the "Background" tab on the left and change the background color to black (#000000).

  15. Click the "Lighting" button.

  16. Turn "Environment" OFF.

  17. Turn "Lights" ON and click "Load Lighting Preset".

  18. Select the "Default" lighting preset.

  19. Click "Save Settings" on the top right of the screen.  Then click "Publish".

  20. Click "Got It! See My Model".

  21. View your file and make sure it has uploaded properly.
  22. Scroll down and click the "Share" option.  Copy the share link.

  23. Open the Kerstetter Fisheries and Avian Ecology 3D Scans collection.  Click "Submit Research".

  24. Read the submission agreement, check the box, and click Continue.

  25. Fill out the NSUWorks page as needed for your collection.  Paste the Sketchfab share link into the Streaming Media box and Select media format:  Other Rich Media.

  26. Select "Upload file from your computer".  Upload the "_Raw" file from your computer to NSUWorks. 

  27. Click Submit.  Please note that these files are very large and can take up to an hour for NSUWorks to process.  Please only click Submit once.

3D Scan Video 4