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Just for Teens @ Alvin Sherman Library

Information on teen events, teen volunteer program, and teen services at the Alvin Sherman Library.

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Looking for help with homework assignments or research projects?  

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Databases 101

What is a database?
A database is similar to a website; however, unlike random websites that anyone can post on the internet, a database is a collection of information that has been published electronically by a credible source / publishing company.   The content within the database has been reviewed by professionals (experts, educators, librarians, etc.) for accuracy.  Just like a book, you can look up information in a database, use it for research reports and assignments, and cite the information.   Many of the library’s databases are available from any computer that has internet access.  Databases are free for you to use with your Alvin Sherman Library card! 

Why use a database?
Databases come in handy when:  

  • a book is not available at the library
  • you need the most up-to-date information available
  • you can’t get to the library but you can get to a computer that has internet
  • the actual library building is closed since the databases are available 24/7

What databases are available at the Alvin Sherman Library? 
The library offers a ton of helpful databases on a variety of subjects.  Click here to view our list of "homework helper" databases!   The school bus icon highlights the databases that are for recommendedfor students in grades K-12!  

How can I access these databases?
You must have an Alvin Sherman Library card  or a Sharklink username and password to access the databases.  To enter, please visit and click on databases. 

Databases for Homework Help

The databases listed below have full-text articles, images, maps, timelines, audio, interviews, and/or eBooks that you can use for reports and projects: 

Academic Search Premier 

  • Access to scholarly articles from a variety of fields and disciplines.

The African American Experience
The American Indian Experience
The Latino American Experience

  • Includes ebooks, interviews, maps, images, audio, music files, and timelines.

Daily Life Through History

  • Provides full text information, maps, images, and website links on folklore, cultures, and customs of peoples around the world from ancient times to the present.
  • Covers a variety of possible research topic areas, including science,history, literature, and biographies,
  • Access encyclopedia articles, media, and more! 18 World Book products are available to patrons.

Free Online Practice Tests

Click here to access the Learning Express PrepSTEP database.  This database provides detailed information on:

  • colleges, universities, private secondary schools, and specialty programs
  • scholarships
  • test preparation (including free online practice tests for SAT, ACT, FCAT, GED, and more)
  • over 70 related e-books
  • resume builders
  • career assessment tools

You will need your Alvin Sherman Library card, an Alvin Sherman Express Card or eCard, or an NSU Sharklink ID to use this database.

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