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Faculty Support Law Library Resources

A guide to available resources, databases, and technology for law faculty.

Faculty Scholarship

NSU Shepard Broad College of Law is home to a talented group of faculty members, many of whom have published various works. Their works offer information and insight on a wide range of legal topics. For a comprehensive directory of faculty accomplishments, visit NSUWorks


NSUWorks - Law is the institutional repository (“Repository”) of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law (NSU Law). It is designed to provide open access to NSU Law scholarship, activities, publications, and history. The purpose of NSUWorks - Law is to maximize open access to the scholarship and intellectual life of NSU Law.

Repository Administration

The Panza Maurer Law Library (PMLL) is responsible for selecting and uploading materials to and organizing, and maintaining most materials in the Repository. NSUWorks – Law includes NSU Law’s student run journals, faculty scholarship, Mastheads and Yearbooks, NSU Law Commencement Photos, and the NSU Law Seminar Series.

Criteria for Repository Inclusion

Material should meet the following general criteria for inclusion in the Repository:

  • The author, creator, or subject is affiliated with NSU Law. The Repository houses material created by current and former NSU Law faculty, students, and staff. The Repository also houses material about the events and history of NSU Law.
  • The work must be creative, scholarly in nature, research oriented, or of institutional significance.
  • The item is suitable for indefinite retention and is in a permanent format. Items that are transitory or have temporary value should not be housed in the Repository (e.g. working papers or drafts). Preference is to include previously published works and actual, tangible materials (articles, photos, videos) rather than descriptions, citations, or links.
  • Appropriate permissions have been secured.  PMLL posts works in the Repository with appropriate permissions. Faculty scholarship is regularly uploaded to the Repository unless the faculty member explicitly opts out of the Repository or publisher permission cannot be obtained. NSU Law publications and materials, including NSU Law journals, faculty publications, or photos and video footage are added without additional author, creator or subject permissions. If publisher permissions or author copyright for an item is not compatible with open access, a link to the item online will be provided with the entry in the Repository

Collection Development Priorities

  • Faculty Scholarship contains articles, book chapters, book links, presentations, and other forms of scholarship created by current and past NSU Law faculty members.
  • Student Publications contains the student edited journals of NSU Law.
  • Law School Archives consists of several collections of photos, events, mastheads, yearbooks and other materials produced by NSU Law.


PMLL makes collection decisions in accordance with available resources and capacities. Please note that the following material is not permitted for inclusion:

  • Materials that have copyright or privacy issues.
  • Materials of difficult size or format.
  • Materials that include non-public personally identifiable or contact information.
  • FERPA and HIPAA protected information or material barred by law or regulation from publication.
  • Materials of authors with no affiliation with NSU Law School.
  • Unpublished or personal works.

In accordance with the Criteria for Inclusion set forth above, it is incumbent upon the author submitting their works for inclusion in the Repository to ensure that their submission does not fall into any of the foregoing categories of exclusion. 

Author Rights

The author retains the copyright for all works submitted. The author is free to reuse the content, but it is their responsibility to check the terms of the publication agreement if a document published in the Repository is published elsewhere.

Retention and Withdrawal of Materials

The Repository is intended to be permanent with immutable citations. Thus, the burden of removing an item from the Repository falls upon the author who may make a request. If an author leaves NSU Law, the material produced while associated with NSU Law will remain in in the Repository.

NSUWorks- Law Platform:

The Repository uses the bepress™ Digital Commons platform. The bepress™ Law Commons (  includes content from all U.S. law school institutional repositories and can be accessed via searching or topic-based browsing

Scholarly materials included in the Repository are indexed for search engine access with a permanent web link.


PMLL is committed to preserving and providing access to all Repository material in their original format. However, content may need to be recalibrated to respond to changes in the repository technology ecosystem.

Terms and Conditions of Use for Repository Content:

Copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices may not be removed from downloaded Repository materials. Use of Repository materials in ways that are unlawful or infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other proprietary right is prohibited. Users are responsible for all use or misuse of repository materials.

Authors who submit their work for inclusion in the Repository must have sufficient rights to the content so that its inclusion in an open access institutional repository is within the scope of applicable authority, or have specific permission from the publisher to post the work.  SHERPA RoMEO is a resource to learn about publisher and author rights. Authors submitting materials to the Repository are presumed to have  permission to do so unless the scholarship clearly indicates otherwise.

Use of Repository content is for personal, research, educational, and non-commercial purposes. Users and researchers who access or attempt to access Repository content assume full responsibility of how the materials are used or re-used.

Material Submission

Any faculty or staff member affiliated with NSU Law may submit a request to include scholarly content in Repository. Programs, centers, and students should consult with the Repository administrator to see how well their material may fit into the repository’s scope.

PMLL will review submitted materials for acceptable content and general adherence to Repository guidelines. However, it is the responsibility of the author to ensure that the submitted material reflects the research standards of the university, does not infringe on privacy and any other rights, protects confidentiality, has secured all copyright permissions, and, if sponsored or agency-supported, has met all obligations concerning the research, including peer review.

Content is gathered and added on a regular basis by PMLL. To submit content for consideration to the repository, please email Marin Dell.

Removal of scholarship or other works:

Authors holding copyright to works posted in the Repository may request revision or removal of said works, or request other changes to their Repository works by emailing Marin Dell, NSUWorks - Law Administrator.