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SharkWrites: Abraham Fischler College of Education: Razor's Research Bytes (Online Library Tutorial)

Razor's Research Bytes is a self-paced library orientation that consists of a series of "bite-size" online modules that introduce general research concepts and illustrate how to efficiently use library resources. 

Specifically, these "bytes" provide an introduction to the NSU Libraries, services provided by librarians, and tips for finding, evaluating, and citing articles, books, and other sources of information. 

Upon successful completion of the "What did you learn?" activity at the end of Razor's Research Bytes, students will earn a certificate that can be printed for their records.

Razor's Research Bytes is available in the "Library Bytes" Canvas course:

Step 1: Log in to Canvas, go to Courses, and select the library's course called "Library Bytes."

If you do not see the Library Bytes course listed, click on "All Courses."

Note: Canvas works best using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer or a mobile device.

canvas screenshot



Step 2: Once in the course, click on the link for Razor's Research Bytes on the Home page.




Note: If you are unable to access the library's course in Canvas, please contact the Alvin Sherman Library's Reference Desk at