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Study Aids for NSU College of Law J.D. Students

This guide will provide access to the study aids available to NSU College of Law Students, as well as trainings on how to use these platforms.

Study Aids

Study Aids, or supplements, are tools that are intended to help law students succeed throughout law school. Because these tools are so valuable, the Panza Maurer Law Library provides all J.D. students with access to Lexis Nexis Digital Library, West Academic Study Aid Subscriptions, Aspen Learning Library, CALI Lessons, and Quimbee. This guide will show you how to access these materials, as well as house some tutorials on how to use them and what materials are available on each platform.

What Study Aid should I use?

Many students ask librarians what study aid they should use for a specific class, and our first answer will always be to check your syllabus. More often than not your professor will have a preference that they would like you to use. If there is none listed in the syllabus, ask them if they have an opinion. If not, then there are videos in this guide that go through some of the more popular titles in each platform.