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Bar Exam Preparation Materials

A listing of the online Bar prep materials located through the Panza Maurer Law Library.

Multistate Performance Test (MPT)

As part of the UBE, the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) consists of two 90-minute essays. However, there are some non-UBE states that administer one or both of the MPTs as part of their bar exam. 

The MPT is designed to test an examinee's ability to use fundamental lawyering skills in a realistic situation and complete a task that a beginning lawyer should be able to accomplish. 

Each MPT includes a "File" and a "Library" The File contains source documents containing all the facts of the case and the assignment to be completed. This may include transcripts of interviews, depositions, hearings or trials, pleadings, correspondence, client documents, contracts, newspaper articles, medical records, police reports, or lawyer’s notes. The "Library" may contain cases, statutes, regulations, or rules, some of which may not be relevant to the assigned lawyering task. 

Study Aids Available Through the Library