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Family Therapy: Introduction to Systems Theories- Quintas Winter 2024

the subject guide to family therapy provides information on resources available from the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Divisions Library, both in the library and online, related to family therapy.

Week 1 - Jan 08

Week 2- NO CLASS - Jan 15

Week 3 - Jan 22

Week 7 - Canvas 90-Minute Midterm Exam

In Class Exam 

Week 8 - Feb 26


Week 10 - March 11

STFP: Ch 10, and 11
Reading: Zamarripa, M. X. (1997). A social constructionist approach for working with ethnic minority gay men and lesbians. Family Therapy, 24(3), 167-176.


Reading: Gergen, K. J. (1985). The social constructionist movement in modern psychology. American Psychologist, 40(3), 266-275.

For this next article, scroll the page and click Harlene Anderson. You will have lots of articles available to download. For this class, read just the following: Anderson, Harlene -,_Hear_and_Speak_for_Opinions_- _Anderson,_H..pdf


Week 11 - March 18

Video: What is Social Construction Theory and Practice:

Week 12 - Presentations - March 25

Week 14 - April 14 Presentations

Review of material for final exam


Week 15 - April 8 -Last Class

Canvas 90-minute - FINAL EXAM in class

Week 16 - CONSULTATION WEEK - No Class