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OPP/OMT Integration Workshop

The Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Exam (OME) of the Hospitalized Patient and the Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) of Patients using Soft Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage Techniques

Vol #1:  This DVD presents The Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Examination (OME) of the Acutely-Ill Hospitalized Patient along with why, when and how to apply Soft Tissue (ST) and Lymphatic Drainage (LD) Techniques in the treatment of a hospitalized patient.  The DVD includes a lecture presentation of the topic that includes slides, notes, and demonstration videos of the OME as well as the soft tissue and lymphatic drainage procedures.  Where helpful, views of procedures performed on a skeletal model are also included.  Forms that can be printed include pre-and post-self assessment of learner's competence in the OME, soft tissue, and lymphatic drainage; critical action competency-based checklists for OME, ST, and LD which can be completed by workshop faculty after observing their successful completion by participants; and workshop evaluation.  The AOA glossary, rationale for the workshops, as well as helpful suggestions on how to conduct these workshops are also included.

Vol#2: OPP/OMT Integration Workshop #2 reviews and demonstrates:  concepts of motion barriers, principles of spinal motion, function of muscle energy and myofascial release techniques.  Also included is a presentation by Dr. Gary Roth, "OMT In The Clinical Setting, CABG Post-Op Patient", as well as slides, notes, and demonstration videos of concepts.

Vol#3: OPP/OMT Integration Workshop #3 presents integration of OPP into the care of hospitalized patients that have undergone abdominal surgical procedures.  This DVD is a case based review of treatments that can be used in post-op cholecystectomy and C-section patients, with a review of the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system, viscerosomatic reflex terminology, the phrenic nerve and abdominal diaphragm, thoracic cage, atelectasis, ileus, Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques (Soft Tissue, Functional Indirect, Lymphatic Drainage, Mesenteric Release), and SOAP note documentation.  The workshop provides competency based learner assessment tools and educational helps for effective delivery of the module.