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Printing Services

Students have a preloaded allotment of 75$ for printing services on campus.  The amount is automatically loaded onto your Shark Card at the beginning of the school year and the balance is lost at the end of the school year, so be sure to use it.  

In order to use your funds - visit a printing lab on campus.  

1. Once you have your document up on a computer, click print and you will be asked for your credentials.  

2. Your credentials are your NSU email address (everything BEFORE the @ symbol) and the password to your email account.  

3. Once you have verified your credentials, visit any printing station on campus to retrieve your prints through your account.

4. Stored documents are available for printing from your account for up to 24 hours, but after that they are deleted.  Your account will automatically be charged for the prints when you hit [Submit].  

There are printers on multiple levels of the Alvin Sherman Library, the 1st floor of the Don Taft University Center, the 1st floor Parker,  Computer labs in the UPP & the HPD Library, 2nd floor DeSantis and the 1st floor of the residence halls.