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Library Terminology

Dictionary of common library terms.



Online research guides created by librarians to provide information and suggested resources for specific subjects, topics, and courses.


A degreed professional who is responsible for the library and its collections.

Library Carrel

See Carrel.

Library Catalog

See Catalog.

Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System

A classification scheme developed in the late nineteenth century for the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress Classification System uses single letters and combinations of letters to represent different subject areas. Letters and numbers following decimal places are used to further narrow subjects. Most academic libraries, including the EFC Library, use the Library of Congress Classification System.

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)

A specific controlled vocabulary created by the Library of Congress to systematically classify library materials. Library of Congress Subject Headings can be broad or very narrow. Most libraries use Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Library Use Only

Library materials that can only be used within the library.

Literary Criticism

An article or book that provide an in-depth discussion about a literary work.

Loan Period

A specific amount of time items from the library may be borrowed for.

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