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Constitutional Law

A guide to help researchers begin finding primary law and secondary sources on constitutional law


This guide is aimed to help a researcher who is interested in researching the constitutional law in the United States. This guide will mainly focus on the US Constitution, while also providing resources for Florida law as well. This guide will also focus on the broad concept of constitutional law, rather than the specific issues (like freedom of speech).

If you are stuck on where to start, below is a list of topics that might interest you. 

  • Civic Space Legal Framework
  • Freedom of Expression during Covid-19
  • Immunity from Prosecution of Former Presidents 
  • Interstate Compacts in the United States
  • Laws Lifting Sovereign Immunity 
  • Legal Mechanisms for Removing a Head of State
  • Limits on Freedoms of Expressions
  • Parliamentary Procedures requiring a supermajority


Topics taken from the Library of Congress.


Last Updated August 2, 2021