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ECG 2011 PDF Course by Ken Grauer {contents restricted to NSU HPD Patrons only}: ECG 2011 Course

PDF Files and links for the EKG, ECG, & ACLS Course by Ken Grauer

Study Materials {NSU HPD only}

Reference Texts :

PDF Course Components {NSU HPD only}

Individual Components :

Note : Each component can usually be covered in ~2-4 hours (Learners having detailed self-instructional Handouts that allow easy study — Instructors having similar master files with emphasis on presentation of material).

  • Part 1B - KEY ECG Concepts
    Intro to Systematic Approach / Basic Rhythms-1 / Axis / Hemiblocks
    (Start here for a novice course | revision on 9/30/2011)
  • Part 5 — Finishing Touches
    (Chamber Enlargement; COPD; WPW; ST Depression; Electrolyte Disorders; Posterior MI; Tall R in V1) — (revision on 8/22/2011). 

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