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DeStressing in Stressful Times

Resources to help you de-stress in stressful times. Created in response to global COVID-19 pandemic.

Hone your stress-relieving skills!

Like many things, managing your response to stress takes practice, and practice takes time. Work on honing your stress relief skills with these suggestions.


Meditation can have numerous health benefits, "including reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, as well as improved memory and increased brain efficiency with sustained attention. Meditation is also known to induce physiological benefits such as lowering blood pressure, heart rate, epinephrine, metabolism, breathing pattern and increased melatonin."¹ There are many popular paid apps that can help with guided meditation, and some free resources linked below.

1. Ooi, S.L. and Pak, S.C. (2019). The landscape of current meditation research: An overview to the special issue on 'Health benefits of meditation'. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 4(2) 1-8. doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902033


Exercise is known to have stress-mitigating effects.¹

Fitness Blender

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7 Minute Workout

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1. Herring, M. P. (2018). Exercise for the Management of Anxiety and Stress-Related Disorders. In Exercise-Based Interventions for Mental Illness (pp. 19–52). Elsevier.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Progressive Muscle Relaxation