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Education usage

Link learners to supplemental materials: 

  • Link handouts, books to online resources
  • Orient new students to a campus with links
  • Introduce students to a course or lab and link with safety info, policies
  • Link artwork to information about it
  • Link buildings to information about architecture, navigation, history
  • To complement fieldwork with online informatio
  • Link nutritional objects to calorie counters (and other health applications)
  • Link to online how-to-manuals (e.g., to link a glucose meter for diabetics to information on how to use it)
  • Complement presentations with online information
  • Quiz questions

  • Scenario questions

  • Surveys

  • Discussion Forums

  • Videos

  • Linking physical objects to online resources means that you can connect learners to:

    • Audio (including multiple language formats)
    • Video (for example, those how-to-manuals can be how-to-videos instead)
    • Instructors/mentors available for live-chatting