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Exam Master: Creating Exams

This LibGuide has detailed information about the Exam Master database

Creating Exams

To set up a new Practice Exam

  1. Select New Practice Exam from the menu.
  2. On the resulting page, select the desired product (e.g., USMLE Step 1). The system will automatically generate an exam that will be sent to the Current Exam page.


To set up a new Custom Exam

  1. Select New Exam from the menu.
  2. Select the Custom Exam tab.
  3. Select the product you want your questions to come from
  4. Select one of the available topics within the selected product.
  5. Select desired subject
  6. Select the desired category/subcategory. Please note that the more you limit by topic, subject, category and subcategory, the fewer the number of questions there will be available for you to take.
  7. Click Create Exam at any time during the process; you do not have to select a subcategory.
  8. Type in how many questions you want to take. The system will default to 50, but you can select up to 150.
  9. Then, click Create Exam, then Save Exam. This new exam will be available on the Current Exams page.


To set up a new Wordsearch Exam

  1. Select the Wordsearch Exam tag
  2. Enter the word or words you want to search. (The system can search for partial words, but not misspelled words.)
  3. Select from the dropdown menu the product in which to search or select the entire database of questions. Below the dropdown menu, there is an option to exclude previously selected questions/explanations. By selecting this option, the system will not search within other searches you have already done. If you want to have the system look for questions in previous searches, deselect that option.
  4. Click on either Find All or Find Any. Find All will look for exactly what you type in. Find Any will search for any of the words. After you select your search option, the following page will tell you how many times your keyword or phrase was found in questions/answers/ explanations and how many questions are available from those hits.
  5. Type in the number of questions you want then select Create Exam. If you are not satisfied with the results, select Another Search to start over.
  6. Finally, select Finish to complete the process and to send your exam to the Current Exams page. On the Create Exams page, you can also access the USMLE Courses. 


To set up a new Outline Exam

  1. Select the Outline Search Exam tag
  2. Enter the search terms into the search box. The system will automatically look for questions falling within the subjects or categoriesentered.