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Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Circulation Policies: Loan Periods

Reserve Collection:


  • 3 hours
  • In-Library Use ONLY

AV Collection:


CD-ROMs and DVDs:

  • Most may be borrowed for 7 days
  • See NSU Library catalog  and staff for details

  Hold a Book

Hold / Recall:

If a library user requires materials which are checked out to another user, ask circulation (Front Desk) to place a hold on the item (or follow the instructions above on how to place a hold).

Upon return of the item, a notice will be emailed informing the requestor that the material will be held for him / her for 5 days.

If an item has been out for 3+ weeks and is required immediately, a recall my be placed. A recall will notify the user who is in possession of the item and will request that the item be returned immediately.


Circulating Collection

  • HPD / NSU Students: 4 weeks 
  • HPD Local Rotation Students: 4 weeks 
  • HPD Distance Rotation Students: 8 weeks - By Request
  • HPD / NSU Faculty: 2 months
  • HPD Faculty: 152 days (Semester Loan) - with director's approval
  • HPD Adjunct Faculty: 4 weeks 
  • HPD / NSU Staff: 4 weeks 

Amount of books may be limited by library staff.

Journal Collection:

Print Journals are for In-Library Use ONLY

Scanners (free) and copy machines ($.10 per page) are available in the Copy Room and at the Front Desk.

Overdues and Renewals:

Library users are requested to return materials by the due date assigned at the time of initial checkout. Overdue circulation notices are processed as reminders to students, faculty and staff.

Overdue materials may be renewed in the Library if they have not been requested by other patrons.

Renewals: (not permitted if a Hold has been placed by another user.

  • NSU or HPD students: maximum 3 renewals
  • NSU or HPD faculty: unlimited renewals
  • Adjunct faculty: not permitted renewals


All library materials must be returned to the HPD Library. Patrons are encouraged to ensure that returned materials are properly checked in to avoid receiving overdue circulation notices.

Billed Items:

If a library user has not returned an item after receiving 2 notices, he / she will receive a 3rd notice assuming the material is lost. The 3rd notice also notifies the library user that the HPD Library is including a Replacement Cost for the assumed lost item.

If the item is lost, payment must be made to the HPD Library via funds deposited on the Shark Card.

Failure to pay may result in blocking of borrowing privileges.

All outstanding charges must be paid before a student is allowed to graduate and receive NSU transcripts.


The HPD Library ascribes to the American Library Association's Code of Ethics. Information pertaining to patron records (address, items checked out, etc.) are considered confidential information and will only be communicated to a library user who requests to his / her own record.

Circulation Director

Profile Photo
Steve Roberts
HPD Library
3200 S University
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328
(954) 262-3110

Now Available - iPads and Laptops

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iPads - Check out at the front desk - 48-hour loan period

Laptops - (With LockDown Browser option) - 48-hour loan period