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Criminal Law Field Placement Clinic Resource Guide

A research and guidance resource for student's in the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law Criminal Law Field Placement Clinic.

Bail Statutes and Court Rules

Bail considerations arise upon initial arrest, changes or additions of charges, upon request for modification of pre-trial release conditions, upon violations of pre-trial release, and upon request for release for those in custody. Florida rules regarding bail, pre-trial release, and pre-trial detention are governed by the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure. The below provide quick access to the most commonly applied rules for consideration. 

Bond Schedules

Bond Schedules are pre-determined bail recommendations/amounts that may be used to quickly and uniformly set bail amounts for defendants. These are not statutorily set amounts. Other factors outlined in the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure may still impact bail determinations. However, bond schedules are still very heavily relied upon to provide guidelines for setting bail in Florida criminal courts.