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One Person Can Change the World Symposium

Evaluating Sources Discussion

What qualities and characteristics do YOU think are important when selecting sources for your assignments?

  • Which criteria do you think are important to decide how “trustworthy” or “reliable” a source is?
  • What tells you that you can trust someone or something, in general?
  • What specific qualities do you look for in a source?
  • Which criteria are important to decide whether a source is useful for your paper or assignment?
  • What tells you that an article is a relevant or good article?


The CRAAP Test is a helpful tool for evaluating a source's credibility and deciding whether you should use it in your assignment. It uses five criteria in the acronym: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.

The CRAAP Test questions are meant to serve as a guide rather than a checklist.


Media Bias

Ad Fontes Media - Media Bias Chart January 2023

Ad Fontes Media. (2023). Media bias chart [Infographic].

For an interactive version and the most up-to-date information, please click the infographic or the link in the citation to visit Ad Fontes Media's website.

Who owns the news?

A few companies give us most of the information we use to form opinions about people and events unfolding around us.

Media Landscape infographic showing market share as of Sept 2022


Molla, R. & Kafka, P. (2022, September 21). Who owns what in big media today. Vox.

Infographic showing a sample of wealthy indivdiuals and the media organizations they own.

Hooker, L. (2018, September 18). Why do billionaires want to own the news?. BBC News.