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3D Printing: Resources

3D Printable Files

Where can you find 3D print files?


  • Create your own designs with free open source modeling software
  • Browse 3D design repositories for open source files to download and print
  • Create a 3D print file from MRI or CT scans

Make 3D Model With Open Source 3D Design Software

Not finding a design from the free online 3D libraries? 

Want to change an existing design?

  • Create or modify a print file with one of these free 3D design software.
  • Always save model as an .stl file


Design Software


3D Editing & Repair Software

Convert Dicom CT scan files to 3D printable STL files
democritiz3D by Embodi3D - a free online converter (requires registration)

Find a 3D Model

Search for free 3D files (.stl files) on the Internet to print or to modify using 3D design software.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice