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Public Health: Fall Textbooks 2023

Recommended resources for HPD Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Program students and faculty

Martin and Gail Press HPD Library Texbook Policy

The HPD Library attempts to purchase the electronic copy of all required textbooks.  If the book is available electronically, the title will be hyperlinked and the number of simultaneous users will be indicated/displayed.  If the title is only available in print, the location of the book will be listed.

PUH 5210 - Public Health Communications - Maizel

PUH 5430 - Epidemiology - Alamu

PUH 5512 - Health, Policy, Planning and Management - Hollar

PUH 6001 – Social & Behavioral Sciences Applied to Health - Van Heel

PUH 6604 - Research Methods in Public Health - Montoya

PUH 5201 - Foundations of Public Health -Pinnock

PUH 5220 - Environmental and Occupational Health- Grant

PUH 5301 - Biostatistics - Alamu

PUH 5430 - Epidemiology - Alamu

PUH 5520 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Health - Pinnock