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Collection Management Guidelines: Books

Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Collection Management Guidelines & Best Practices


At present, there are about 21,250 book titles available in print or electronically.


Materials will be acquired upon request by students, faculty, administration, or the librarians.

Requested materials will be reviewed by librarians using selection aids such as Doody's Review Service Online based on criteria including scope of subject areas, circulation of previous editions, and cost.

Approved purchases or subscriptions will be ordered from properly established vendors, dealers, or publishers. 


  • Purchase or subscribe to depending on publisher and vendor.
  • If available for purchase or subscription at a cost per user, then we will pay for 1 user per 50 students in class, if a required text, or just 1 user, if a recommended title.
  • Will purchase or subscribe to unlimited users (site license) if option is available, and if budget permits.
  • May subscribe to titles that may be updated to a new edition within 2 years; Prefer to purchase titles that update every two years or more.
  • Titles will not be duplicated with the VitalSource packages for Dental and COM, unless the titles are required or recommended for other HPD programs.



  • Retain 1 copy per 50 students;
  • Acquire by request from faculty, or from book list;
  • Maintain required and recommended course texts;
  • Purchase or subscribe to electronic format, if available. If not, will purchase print copy;
  • Move previous edition of reserve title to circulation when new addition is acquired;
  • 3-hour loan period for use in the library;
  • We will not collect workbooks of any sort.


  • We will not collect workbooks.
  • We may add copies of titles on reserve that experience high use.