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Collection Management Guidelines: Donations

Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Collection Management Guidelines & Best Practices


The HPD Library accepts donations that meet the criteria as stated to the right; however, it is at the discretion of the library if the items are added to the collection, set out for students to take, or donated to other organizations, such as Books for Africa.

Receipts for donations are available through the library. Donors are responsible for estimating the value of the donated items.

Contact Star Andrews, 954-262-3129, with any questions about the donation process. 


  • Core health professions texts are accepted, with the exception of drug information handbooks. Drug information handbooks older than 2 years are not accepted.
  • Only journal titles of NSU Press HPD Library's current collection are accepted. Date must be exclusive of collection or fill in for missing issues.
  • The HPD Library print collection is focused on clinical use, not research. However, titles of established historical value and important relevant literature are accepted. Titles published pre-1950 and have low holdings at other libraries may also be considered. 
  • Monetary donations are accepted.
  • Donations must be transported to NSU-HPD by the donor. 
  • Donations containing mold, mildew, or insects are considered inappropriate as they are potentially dangerous to the existing collection. Any material that is damaged by water, is ripped or torn, or has been written in or highlighted, is also inappropriate.