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Collection Management Guidelines: Technology

Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Collection Management Guidelines & Best Practices


HPD Library strives to be at the forefront of emerging trends in medical, educational, and library technologies.

We will make every effort to acquire technologies to enhance and support the curricula of all seven HPD Colleges.

We will provide trainings and support for all HPD faculty, staff and students upon request, and via regularly scheduled training sessions and workshops.

Tablets & iOS Apps Available for Checkout

Tablets and Apps are evaluated every semester to add for circulation depending on:

  1. Cost;
  2. Student and faculty feedback and recommendations;
  3. Evaluation of the app by librarians; and
  4. Curriculum needs.


Contact Aaron Sager, the library's tech support, for all hardware requests.


HPD Library does not fulfill software requests for students and faculty. Please contact your department for such requests. 

For all internal library requests, contact Piya Chayanuwat at NSU Libraries. 

Order software via Ariba.