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Information for Your Patients

UpToDate® offers hundreds of patient education topics about the most common medical conditions and procedures. These topics encapsulate the same information included in the materials provided for clinicians. As such, they give readers the information they need to actively participate in decisions related to their care.

UpToDate patient information topics

Patients have varying information needs. Some want just a brief overview, while others want more in-depth information. UpToDate® meets the varying information needs of patients by offering both The Basics and Beyond the Basics:

  • The Basics — These topics are 1-3 pages in length and are written in simple language. They answer the four or five most important questions that a person might have about a medical problem. The Basics topics are best for readers who want a general overview.
  • Beyond the Basics — These topics are 5-10 pages long and are more detailed than the topics in The Basics. Beyond the Basics topics are best for readers who want a lot of detailed information and who are comfortable with some technical medical terms.


The information on this page was copied from the UptoDate website. Please visit UptoDate to learn more.