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Using UpToDate graphics in presentations

Using UpToDate graphics in presentations

Through the Export to PowerPoint tool, you can quickly and easily export graphic images to Microsoft PowerPoint (or to other software capable of opening Microsoft PowerPoint files) for use as slides in presentations.

To export a graphic from UpToDate using the Export to PowerPoint tool:

  1. Click the link for the graphic in an UpToDate topic to open the graphic in a separate window —OR— click on a graphic image from within the Graphics search results thumbnail view.
  2. Click the Export to PowerPoint tool in the graphic window.

In the dialog box that appears, click Open to open the graphic in PowerPoint (or your PowerPoint-compatible software), or click Save to save the graphic as a .ppt file.

Note: If the graphic consists of multiple images, the Export to PowerPoint tool creates a separate slide for each image.

Making slides on a Windows-based computer OR Making slides on a Macintosh.