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Text below copied from: Additional Features of UptoDate: ECG test and tutorials

"UpToDate® includes electrocardiograms that can be accessed from some topics that discuss specific diseases or arrhythmia. You can test your knowledge by running a self-test, as follows:

  1. Type ECG test in the search box.
  2. Click Go to display a list of matching search results.
  3. Choose one of the ECG test topics (for example, "Intermediate ECG test") by clicking on the title.
  4. After reading the first case history, click the show ECG question 1 link to open a window that displays the Intermediate case 1 ECG strip, along with a normal ECG strip.
  5. Try to make an accurate diagnosis based on the Intermediate ECG case 1 strip, then close the window that displays the ECG strips.
  6. To see if your diagnosis is correct, click the show ECG answer 1 link.
  7. Close the answer window, then continue with the next test question."