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CIMA 700 Educational Inquiry and Electronic Research Technologies

Getting Start with This Site

  • Books/Articles/Web Resources provides you with the links to locate these types of resources provided via the Alvin Sherman Library.
  • Search Tips for CUR 526 provides you with links to several pages with information that will help with class assignments.
  • How to... provides information on using various library resources and services.
  • Cite Your Sources provides some quick examples of how to use APA formatting as well as a link to a more comprehensive site.

Library Presentation

Course Information

The library resources in this library guide are gathered to help students fulfill the requirements for CIMA 700.

Catalog Description:
CIMA 0700 examines and applies research paradigms,examples of sound research,critical interpretation and evaluation of research and theoretical writing in the field.
Course Rationale:
This course begins a process that emphasized theoretical and practical research skills. Two purposes of the course are to transform practitioners into savvy consumers of educational research and to improve a problematic situation in the workplace.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Design an applied research project
  • Identify a problem in the work setting that needs improvement
  • Document the existence and nature of a problem in the work setting
  • Present a literature review of the causes and solutions for such a problem

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