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EDL 0525: Human Resources: Process and Staff Development

Course Description

This guide contains library resources and other resources to support EDL 525. 

Course Description:

This course prepares prospective school administrators in the personnel components of the profession. From analysis of positions to recruitment, selection, induction, retention to termination current and past court cases are used to understand the historical and legal responsibilities of administrators in today's educational personnel climate. Readings,case studies, presentations, papers, field experience and group activities are the tools used to cover these topics. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the you will have:

  • Knowledge of the role of the administrator in recruiting, selecting,and inducting instructional and noninstructional personnel.
  • Knowledge of the organization and use of information on school personnel.
  • Knowledge of career and staff development theory and practice.
  • Knowledge of appraisal processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge of process and procedures for discipline, dismissal and nonrenewal of school employees.
  • Knowledge of the collective bargaining process and management of collective bargaining agreements
  • Knowledge of incentives for attracting and retaining personnel.