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EDLR 8430: Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Leadership

Course Description

This guide contains library resources and other resources to support EDLR 8430. 

Course Description:

This course will focus on the major areas of school-related litigation, the implications of court rulings on school districts, school settings, personnel and students and how to apply ethical frameworks to educational decision-making. Course assignments will require candidates to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize legal knowledge and ethics and present their views in a logical, coherent manner. Candidates will examine how changes in law and society impact their decisions. They will study legal issues using real-world, problem-based approaches that emphasize the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for successful leadership. They will examine how to deal in legally defensible ways with school- and community-based situations. Candidates will be armed with the knowledge to remain current with school related law and policy issues and equipped with the skills to positively and ethically impact the lives of the personnel and students with whom they interact.

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