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Pay Library Fees Online

This guide is designed to show you how to use the NSU Libraries Online Fees Payment to pay your library fines for overdue materials.

How to Pay Online

Review Fees

2. Review NSU Libraries fees:


Click on Details to expand fees review:


Add Fees

3. Add Libraries fees for payment and click “Review Cart”:

Review Cart

4. Review cart & contact information and click “Proceed to Checkout”:

Credit Card Payment

5. Enter Credit Card Information through TouchNet and click “Continue”:

Verify Payment

6. Verify your payment information and click “Continue”:

Payment Complete

7. Your payment transaction is complete! You may click the button below if you would like to review your completed payment and/or library fees record:

Payment Summary

8. Payment summary:

Payment History

9. Current record after payment and Payment History:


Click on "My Payments" to view Payment History

Fines and Fees

If library materials are not returned by the due date, overdue fines will be assessed. Borrowing privileges may be suspended until all overdue materials are returned and/or fines paid.