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MAT 0697: Applied Professional Experience in Mathematics Education

MAT 0697: Applied Professional Experience in Mathematics Education

MAT 067

Course Description:
This course will require graduate students to complete applied professional experiences in Mathematics Education. The applied professional experience is a synthesis of concepts, skills,and competencies learned throughout the master’s in mathematics education.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Identify factors in the setting(s) that limit the effectiveness of teachers’ plans for instruction, classroom management, and teacher-parent involvement in their children’s learning of mathematics.

2) Evaluate suggestions for improvement in the areas of curriculum planning, instruction,assessment, behavior management, parent-teacher-community involvement, and teachers’ professional development.

3) Demonstrate the ability to either teach a Math unit that follows the requirements of local, regional and national mathematics standards or complete a capstone project.

4) Create a personal philosophy of mathematics education that encompasses your beliefs and perspectives on several issues: teaching for robust understanding,cognitive demand, technology,equitable access to content, agency, ownership, and identity.