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This guide includes recourses used to study behavioral neuroscience.


This guide includes recourses used to study behavioral neuroscience. The information in this guide covers the biology of psychology including: the basic anatomy of the nervous system, the normal physiological functions of the nervous systems, cellular electrophysiology, behavioral disorders, and brain diseases.

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed

Anatomy and Physiology Revealed is an interactive cadaver dissection experience. This unique multimedia study aid is designed to help you explore human anatomy using cadaver specimens and master physiology concepts through animation. Digital dissections allow unlimited drill and practice. Detailed information and audio pronunciations build anatomical knowledge. Click on the image to launch the program.

The Brain

Neurologic Exam Videos and Descriptions: An Anatomical Approach
Images may be copied, downloaded and incorporated into other non-commercial teaching materials for educational use, but authors request notification of use.

The Whole Brain Atlas
Includes still pictures and movies of the brain. Use of these materials for educational purposes is allowed as long as proper credit is provided.

NeuroAnatomy eBooks