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Counseling Department Readings & Materials

PYCL 608 Readings & Materials

Required Articles

Carson, J. (2014). Mental testing in the early twentieth century: Internationalizing the mental testing story. History of Psychology, 17(3), 249-255

Youngstrom, E., Choukas-Bradley, S., & Calhoun, C. (2015). Clinical guide to the evidence-based assessment approach. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 22(1), 20-35.

Astin, A. W., & Holland, J. L. (1961). The environmental assessment technique: A way to measure college environments. Journal of Educational Psychology, 52(6), 308-316.

Edens, J. F., Cox, J., Smith, S. T., DeMatteo, D., & Sörman, K. (2015). How reliable are psychopathy Checklist–Revised scores in Canadian criminal trials? A case law review. Psychological Assessment, 27(2), 447-456.

Bastiaens, T., Claes, L., & Greiff, S. (2018). Dimensional assessment of personality disorders: Diagnosing Tony Soprano, Norman Bates, Hercule Poirot, and Carol Beer through the DSM-5 AMPD. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 34(5), 291-294. 

PYCL 608 Course Syllabus Bibliography