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PSY 1610 Adult Intervention I: Home

Contains links to readings and library resources to support Adult Intervention I: 1610.

PSY 1610 - Adult Intervention I

Course Description

This course covers primary approaches to treating adult clinical problems, with emphasis on treating adult Axis I disorders. Interventions with strong empirical and theoretical support are emphasized; relationship factors are also addressed. Development of treatment interventions based on a wide range of conceptual models is highlighted.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of similarities and differences among major theoretical orientations in terms of their basic concepts, therapeutic relationship, specific techniques and appropriate applications, strengths and limitations.
  • Develop comprehensive and individualized treatment plans with a range of treatment options based on an integrated model which encompasses the clinician's understanding of the symptoms, personality features, familial, cultural, gender and other diversity factors of the specific client.
  • Know the specific steps and rationale thereof of the validated treatments for the major adult psychological disorders.
  • Be able to conceptualize the problem for a patient and to relate this to treatment conceptualization.
  • Be able to judge the definitiveness of treatment outcome research in terms of standard scientific methodological criteria.