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Fintastic Sharks and Where to Find Them: Home

Ever wonder how a shark breathes? Or how many teeth it has? What about what they eat?

You've come to the right reef! Look around for some fintastic ways to learn all about sharks!

You can use the tabs above or the buttons below to navigate these seas.


If you're looking for a book about sharks, here's the place to go.

You can learn facts about sharks or read a story featuring a shark.

Fun With Sharks
Hands on learning is also a great way to learn about sharks.

Go here to make shark themed crafts and try out some shark science!

Learn More About Sharks

If we didn't answer all of your burning shark questions, check here for more places to learn!

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        Blue cartoon shark waving and smiling wearing an orange backpack. The shark has feet.








Don't Forget to meet our good friend, Sharkey!

  Meet Sharkey




Sharkey and his brothers are all Mako Sharks. Makos are blue with white bellies and can get up to 13 feet long! Girl Mako Sharks tend to be bigger than the boy ones!

If you want to learn more about Sharkey, Fin, and Razor, you can check out these books or head over to our Learn More page to check out our library resources!