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ELE 0502: Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School

ELE 0502: Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School

ELE 0502

Course Description:
This course focuses on methods, materials,and approaches for teaching mathematics, including numeration, number systems, problem solving, measurement, informal geometry,and computational algorithms. Emphasis is given to the teaching and assessment of concepts.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of elementary students,including their unique characteristics and behaviors based on their multicultural backgrounds reflecting diverse experiences and challenges in planning for mathematics instruction.

2) Demonstrate the ability to adapt and modify the mathematics curriculum for elementary students, through the application of theory and research-based models of curriculum and instruction and the use of a repertoire of evidence-based instructional and assessment strategies to ensure specific elementary pupil outcomes.

3) Demonstrate the ability to analyze cognitive, affective, physical, social and emotional development of elementary students in order to create supportive learning environments for teaching mathematics and provide a continuum of service options,especially for culturally and linguistically diverse and/or disabled populations.