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NSU Halmos College of Arts & Sciences Thesis and Dissertation Submission Guide: Information for Committee Members

Instructions for NSU HCAS students submitting finished work from their thesis or dissertation for graduation.

Information for DoMES & DoBS Committee Members

There are three steps in the capstone/thesis/dissertation process that will require electronic approval from DoMES & DoBS committee members. 


Proposal Approval

When does this happen: Once students have found an advisor and committee members for their thesis, and the advisor and committee have approved the student's proposal. 

Proposals must be submitted one week before the Monday of finals week

Students must submit their proposal in order to enroll in Thesis Credits.

Questions about the proposal submission can be directed to the program office. 


Defense Approval

When does this happen: Students submit for their Defense Approval when their thesis is 90% completed and the committee members have given them the go-ahead to set up a defense date with the program office.

Defense Approvals must be received three weeks before Monday of finals week

Questions about the defense approval can be directed to the program office. 


Final Approval

When does this happen: Once the students has successfully defended their capstone/thesis/dissertation and completed any content edits from their committee members, they should submit their final manuscript to NSUWorks.

They have 30 days after the last day of the semester in which they defended to submit their final manuscript to NSUWorks. 

Upon receipt of a final manuscript, an OC Librarian will send committee members the final request for their electronic signatures.  Librarians will also check the formatting of the manuscript.

Students are expected to make any formatting revisions in a timely fashion. It is at the discretion of the program office how long the revision process can last. 

Once the entire committee has signed off the manuscript electronically and all format revisions are complete, the manuscript will be published in NSUWorks and an OC Librarian will inform the respective program office that the student has met all library requirements for conferral. In the case of embargoed works, only the metadata will be visible in NSUWorks.

Questions about the final manuscript can be directed to the Oceanographic Campus Library. 

Information for Other HCAS Departments

For all other HCAS departments, the Oceanographic Campus Library processes the final manuscript only. 

We do not check the final manuscript for formatting; we only check the metadata entered on the submission form by the student. 


The process for all other HCAS departments is as follows:


- Students submit their capstone/thesis/dissertation

- OC Librarians send committee members a request for their electronic signature for the capstone/thesis/dissertation.

- OC Librarians will check the metadata to make sure the information in the submission form matches the information on the title page (if applicable).

- When all committee members have signed off electronically, the capstone/thesis/dissertation (or its metadata, in the instance of an embargoed work) will be published in NSUWorks and the OC Librarians will send a degree conferral email to the student's program office. 


Questions about the submission of the final manuscript can be directed to the Oceanographic Campus Library.

How to Sign Off on a Proposal, Defense Approval, or Final Manuscript in NSUWorks

1)  After a student submits a proposal, defense approval, or final manuscript to NSUWorks, you will receive an email with a request to review the capstone/thesis/dissertation.  Sometimes these system-generated emails end up in Spam or Junk folders, so please check there if you are expecting a student's review request.


2) Follow the link provided in the email and log in to your NSUWorks account.  If you do not already have an NSUWorks account, you will need to create one. 


3) Commit to Review the capstone/thesis/dissertation. 


4) Once you have Committed to Review, you still need to upload your decision and any additional comments. If you have no comments, you can simply put Approve with Minor (or No) Modifications. 


5) If you have any difficulties, email the Oceanographic Campus Library for assistance.