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NSU Halmos College of Arts & Sciences Thesis and Dissertation Submission Guide: Capstone

Instructions for NSU HCAS students submitting finished work from their thesis or dissertation for graduation.

NSUWorks Submission Portal

NSUWorks Submission Portal

Submit your final manuscript to NSUWorks here:  

Capstone Templates

Capstone Submission Guidelines

Formatting of Paper: ​


  • All margins = 1 inch


  • Times New Roman

  • 12 Point Font


  • 1.5 spaced, except for:

    • Abstract should be single spaced.

    • Figure & Table captions should be single spaced (The caption for a figure appears below the graphic; for a table, above). Whenever possible, please do not have your figures/tables and captions split across pages.

    • References should be single spaced with a space between each entry. 

Citation and Writing Style

Paper order

The order of your paper should be: 

• Title page

• Approval page (generated by NSUWorks)

• Abstract *

• Acknowledgments 

• Preface (optional) 

• Table of Contents - (detailed; this serves as the outline and section headers as well) 

• List of Figures and/or List of Tables (optional)

• Body of Thesis 

       1. Introduction 

       2. Statement of Purpose or Objectives 

       3. Methods and Materials 

       4. Results 

       5. Discussion 

       6. Summary and Conclusions 

       7. References 

       8. Appendices (optional) 


*The thesis must include an abstract as well as keywords for literature searches. 

Title Page Create a title page that follows the format shown in the template available on left hand side of this page.  The author name, title, and degree used on your title page should match what you enter on the submission form.
Abstract Your Abstract should be single spaces, not indented. Include keywords after your abstract on the same page. Keywords should be important terms not included in your title.

Use Roman Numerals (i, ii, iii, iv...) for page numbers for your introductory content (Abstract through Table of Contents/List of Figures/List of Tables) and Arabic Numerals (1,2,3,4) starting on the page with your Introduction.  

See MS Word Tips and Tricks for help with page numbers.

Table of Contents

Do not include Introductory content appearing before the Table of Contents in your Table of Contents.

Only include items appearing after the Table of Contents (List of Figures, List of Tables, etc.) 

For more information on creating a Table of Contents, see MS Word Tips and Tricks.

You can view examples of past capstones in NSUWorks via this link:

Marine & Environmental Sciences and Biological Sciences Capstones in NSUWorks


If you would like to request a digital copy of a capstone that is not immediately available, please fill out the online form below, or email the Oceanographic Campus Library at