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NSU Halmos College of Arts & Sciences Thesis and Dissertation Submission Guide: Ordering Printed Copies

Instructions for NSU HCAS students submitting finished work from their thesis or dissertation for graduation.

Binding Options for Theses and Dissertations

Printed copies are no longer required! 

But if you would like to order personal printed copies for yourself, your committee, or others, you can do so using the process described below.


Please make sure to wait until you receive the final clean copy of your work from an Oceanographic Campus Librarian before ordering copies.


GradWorks Online Troubleshooting

Landscaped Page Error

The OCL team does our best to make sure your submission is ready to go to the bindery with no issues before sending it to you.  One issue we've come across is with manuscripts that have landscaped pages.  Even converting them to portrait mode, which we've done on your behalf, will still yield an error message that says you have landscaped pages.  Please double check we didn't miss a landscaped page, but you can ignore this error message if you happen to receive it.

Gradworks Online

Gradworks Online

This website allows anyone who would like their thesis, dissertation, or special project to be printed and bound. All they need to do is upload a PDF file then we print, bind, and ship their finished hardbound books wherever they would like.

Gradworks Online was created at the request of the Brigham Young University Graduate School. Gradworks Online is run by the BYU Print and Mail department, one of the largest in-plant print shops in the country, where we use only top of the line equipment to ensure quality products.

There are no contracts or commitments to use the program, just visit and submit your files.

**This is the preferred bindery for student self-binding.  If you are an NSU Oceanographic Campus student / alumnus who wishes to have print copies of their manuscript, please follow the below instructions for binding:

  1. THIS STEP CANNOT BE SKIPPED: Obtain a copy of your manuscript from the library by emailing  We will insert your signature page into the manuscript and send you a "ready-to-go" PDF that you can upload to GradWorksOnline. You cannot obtain your approved signature page without emailing us for the revised PDF.
  2. Go to and click "Order Now" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Fill out the following information:
    • Upload the PDF copy you've obtained by emailing the OC Librarians (
    • Right Hand Margin:
      • Cover Color: BLUE
      • Text Color: SILVER
      • Paper Type: 25% Cotton
      • Document Type: Input Capstone, Thesis OR Dissertation
      • Author: Your name as it appears on the cover page of your thesis.
      • Year: The year you defended your thesis.
    • Bottom Margin:
      • Print Style: Single Sided
      • Print Color: If you have color pages please choose "B/W & Color", if you have just black and white pages, choose "B/W Only"
      • Check the box for "Include a CD/DVD pocket" if you have a CD to include
      • Quantity: How many print copies you are requesting
  4. Click - Add to Cart.
  5. You will be sent to a checkout page where you can pay by credit card and add your billing and shipping information.  You will be able to ship to multiple addresses.


  • At Checkout, all shipping will be Standard Shipping, Second Day, or International Economy.  Do not choose Campus Delivery or Customer Pick Up.  GradWorksOnline is a 3rd party bindery run through Brigham Young University.  Doing Campus Delivery or Customer Pickup is for students of BYU only.