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e-Government: e-Government

What is e-Government/?

E-Government are government services made available to the public by electronic means such as the Internet.


Welcome to the library's e-Government guide.  You will find links to various e-Government Resources 

    • Use the Financial tab to access links for services such as Federal Student Aid, unemployment, and bankruptcy.

    • Use the Legal tab tab to access links for services such as child support, immigration and Florida law help.

  • Use the Business tab to access links for services such as IRS forms and the Better Business Bureau.


While the library does provide Internet access to these services, staff members are unable to offer any legal advice or fill out forms.  For more information on what the library offers in regards to e-Government please review our e-Government policy.

Things You May Need


Before beginning please make sure to have the following on hand:

Email address
Many e-Government services require you to have an email address. If you do not have an email address you will need to create one.  Please see a librarian if you are unfamiliar with the email creation process. 

Important paperwork or documents
Some e-Government services require you to input information such as your Social Security number, insurance policy, work history,etc. Be sure to have all the necessary documentation needed for the e-Government service.  

Flash drive (jumpdrive)
A few e-Government forms require you to download and save a document in order to print. You will be unable to save any documents to the Alvin Sherman Library's computers.  The computers will not accept CDs or floppy disks. You must bring a flash drive to save your work.   

Funds for printing
If you need to print a form or e-Government document you will need a Shark Card, Sherman Library Card or a Cash Card.  Public users will need to use the Cash Card Machine to place money on your cards for printing.  The machine will only take bills ($1, $5, $10 & $20).  Library staff are not permitted to print documents for you should you not have the funds available.

Sharkprint Account
If you are an NSU student you will be able to print using your SharkLink ID and password.  If you are a public user you will need to create a Sharkprint Account. Sharkprint Account Instructions