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This is a library guide for the subject area of film and film studies.

Film Reviews from Websites

There are several websites which compile and link to numerous online magazine and newspaper film reviews. Here are a few of these websites:

(Note: To get to reviews in IMDB, search for the film first. Then on the page listing for the movie, click on the link for, "external reviews." It is near the bottom of the page listing for the movie.)

Film Reviews from Books

There are several books that contain published film reviews. Here are several books that contain motion picture (or film) reviews. A few of these are:

Film Reviews from Library Resources

You can find film reviews in several of our online resources (aka. databases). However, you will need to specify that you are looking for movie reviews. One thing you can do is search by "document type" in the resource. This will let you select the type of document you will be retrieving, in this case: movie reviews. Here are some examples of this.

1. In another resource called Proquest Central on the advanced search screen you can use the "document type" search box and search just for reviews. This should allow you to then look up all types of reviews including film/motion picture reviews.

2. You can do a similar search in a database called Gale Academic Onefile. You can use the document type search box that's located on the advanced search screen.  If you are looking for a movie review, you would select movie review (as shown below) and then type in whatever topic, movie, or term you are looking for in the search boxes, and it will only bring up movie reviews.