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Scientific & Technical Writing: Find Websites

Evaluating Websites:


Is there an author listed?


Does the author cite sources?


Does the author have credentials?


Can you contact the author?


Who sponsored the page?


Is the point of view objective?


Is the author biased?


Are they selling anything?


What level is the target audience?


Is the content comprehensive or lite?


Is the information source cited?


Does this site contradict other sites?


What research methods were used?


The site was last updated when?


Is the information outdated?


Is the site relevant to your topic?


Is the site popular or relevant?



Professional Sites and Organizations

Selected Websites

The following websites are from various university writing centers and scientific departments. They contain various help pages for writing including how to choose topics, grammar, citation manuals, and other information.

Online Books

The following online documents were written by scientists to encourage and instruct their student writers.

Career Information

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