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RES 9300 Methods of Inquiry

Library Presentation

Assignment 1

*Hint - Read down the rubric column displaying the most points. Address those questions in your assignment.

1 - Brief introduction to the topic is included and appropriate.

2 - Research problem is clearly stated and appropriate.

3 - Student provides evidence for the existence of the problem, including both national and local evidence,and provides appropriate background information for the problem. At least 2 citations are included.

4 - Areas of need or gaps in the current literature are clearly indicated allowing the student to create a niche for their study.

5 - Audience is clearly identified and appropriate for the research problem.

Databases to use for this assignment:

Assignment 2: Literature Map

1 - Articles are linked in a logical and coherent order; clearly indicating primary and secondary sections of the proposed lit review.

2 - An appropriate theoretical or conceptual framework is included and discussed in detail.

3 - The literature review is well organized, logically written,and comprehensively demonstrative of the current research based on the identified problem.

4 - The student provides sufficient details for the empirical studies, critically evaluates the articles,and flows smoothly from one section to the next using appropriate transitions.

5 - At least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles are included the directly relate to the research problem. The articles are empirically-based and considered primary sources.

Databases to use for this assignment.

Assignment 3: Purpose Statement

1 - The purpose statement is clearly stated, appropriate,and aligns with the research problem.

2 - The research questions are well-written, appropriate,and aligns with the research problem.

3 - The purpose and research questions are clearly aligned. - The research and questions are relevant.

Databases to use for this assignment.

Assignment 4: Participants and Sampling Procedures

1 - The participants and sampling procedures are clearly described, appropriate,and justified with a citation.

2 - The research approach is clearly indicated, appropriate,and justified with a citation.

3 - The data collection methods are appropriate to answer the research questions and align with the specified research approach.

4 - A discussion of the alignment between the proposed data collection methods and how they will be used to answer each of the research questions is included, detailed, and appropriate.

5 - The research track is identified, appropriate, and includes a rationale to support their choice.

Databases to use for this assignment.