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Qualitative Research

This guide provides resources as well as help with how to locate qualitative research resources.

Search Terms

Keywords (the * indicates the word may have different endings)

Action research Descriptive qualitative research Generic qualitative description Oral history
Activities of daily living Descriptive qualitative stud* Grounded theory Participatory action research
Appreciative inquiry Descriptive stud* Health-related quality of life Participant observation
Assessment* Discourse analysis Hermeneutic* Phenomengraph*
Autoethnograph* Ethnograph* Interview Phenomenolog*
Biographical research Ethnomethodolog* Lived experience Qualitative
Case stud* Exploratory stud* Narrativ* Qualitative meta-synthesis
Constant comparative Field notes Naturalistic study Qualitative method*
Content analysis Field stud* Observational method* Qualitative research
Conversation analysis Focus group* Opinion* Qualitative stud*


Databases - Top Picks

The online databases serve as indexes to the literature, primarily periodicals. They include citations, abstracts and sometimes full-text. Click on the More Info link for a complete description of the database.